A comic series from the abductors' point of view


Pure Human is a fictional story written from the perspective of the abductor.

Before writing Pure Human, Rob Shelby spent years researching the ufo phenomena, interviewing and documenting many alien abductees’ first-hand accounts of being aboard alien ships with different alien races, humans from the distant future, alien-human hybrids, the abduction process, and interactions between the aliens themselves.

Mindy Mcpeak’s illustrations use specific detail from Rob’s interview notes. This series will take place in many times, on many worlds, with many non-human species.

Have I been abducted?

Do you think you may have been abducted? Do you know you've been abducted? I've interviewed many abductees. I (Rob) can tell you if your experience is similar to other experiences he has researched. I can help direct you to abductee support groups. If you simply just want to share your story with someone that will not judge you, feel free to contact me by clicking here.