About The Author

My name is Rob Shelby. I'm the author of Pure Human. I'm a UFO enthusiast, technologist, anthropologist, entrepreneur and musician. Before starting this journey, I was simply interested in the topic. I've had paranormal experiences. But I never thought I was abducted. Now, I'm not sure anymore.

About The Artist

My name is Mindy McPeak. I live and breathe art and design. I currently work both as both a freelance and staff illustrator, in both digital and traditional mediums. Examples of her personal are at www.mindymcpeak.com. I've never been a UFO, ghost or anything paranormal. If I ever do, I'll blame Rob...and kick his ass!

About The Comic

Pure Human will (likely) be a series containing 6 issues. The first series focuses on the greys and the human-alien hybrids. The follow up series will focus on the history of the greys. We won't be selling the first series in stores until they are completely written, illustrated and printed. This is so we can guarantee that we can release each issue 1 month after the previous issue.

We are often asked if it is a conflict of interest to offer abductees help and listen to their stories, while writing a comic book about alien abduction. The only parts of any story that ends up in the comic book are superficial details. For example: What an alien looks like, how their ships are flown, devices seen inside each a ship, etc...